Saturday, January 30, 2021

Postcard #199: Pen-nsylvania...


* US-7292678

Portland, OR 39% Rainy.

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I bought a bunch of Sharpie S. Gel pens. I'll be honest I saw a reaction video to them. And I bought in... They suck. Here is my struggling .038 s...-s Gel pen. What a joke! Pigma Micron! All the way! Anyway, I saw you live in Phill.  My wife and I got married in Philly. It was called Romano's.  Now it's The Felt Factory. Sounds better IMO. Like the called Electric Factory.     My wife and I stood in the fountain in the lobby for pictures.  I think we broke it. Because it leaked downstairs where the reception was.  Oh Well. YOLO! -TM

Sent via Postcrossing to CelesteDolores.  She wrote back! 


Celeste wrote you a message:

“Thanks for the postcard. I've never seen that post office in Philly, but then I live "downtown" in Center City. I'm wondering where it was. I had to look on the map to find the Felt Factory--in North Philadelphia. The Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Marker is good for postcards. I also bought the Sharpie gel pens but not to use on postcards. I think I used them up already. Interest idea the "Vault."”

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