Saturday, January 2, 2021

Postcard #195: "Glasses"


ID: US-7218930
While I truly believe the year of 2020 has been filled with countless tragedies. Let us not forget the one final tragedy in that people will no longer be wearing the most ideal novelty "2020" New Years Eve celebratory glasses. Now even with the hope of mass vaccinations the best glasses, we can hope for are the glasses to 2026. Heck. Even the glasses for 2019 were better, Happy New Year! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy.
- T.M.

Sent via postcrossing to Restu_Amalia.  They had a few requests.  Movie posters for one.  But, again my entire collection is a mess right now.   As much of a mess as this card is...I really need to work on being able to first draft a postcard.  But I can not do that until I figure stuff out.  I need to clear my docket, organize, then generate codes again.  

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