Saturday, January 2, 2021

Postcard #194: "Putter"

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"Putter" US-7244890

I am sick of post-crossing again. I just see it as work right now and I know it should not be. It is supposed to be a distraction or hobby but I think when life gets tough or busy the first casualty is that the freetime to do distractions. I must sacrifice for the mill stone of life are hobbies, and the feeling that its okay to take time for myself I saw an article that American Megalomaniac and eventual Earth  technodespot Jeff Bezos puts time aside each day, to (and I feel its absolutely necessary for me to write this out) QUOTE/UNQUOTE -->"putter".<--  And people put this dumb shit in an article for people like me to read and wonder what the fuck is wrong with me? He also prioritizes sleep. Fuck. This. Guy. and his "freetime."


Sent Via postcrossing to mpv.  This fucking article has been pissing me off for over a week.  Eat the rich man.

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