Saturday, January 2, 2021

Postcard #190: "Stuff" Patients Say #1


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"Stuff" patients say... #1

me: So you are not allergic to shrimp?

patient: I just don't like it. What's the difference?

me: A lot.

Patient: When I was younger I had a bad reaction to some shrimp.

me: What sort of "reaction"? Like you could not breathe? Throat or facial swelling?

Patient : No. I threw up. A lot. For like the whole day. Oh! And diarrhea!

me: So, food poisoning?

Patent:  No. It was reaction to the food.  Because now whenever I see shrimp I gag.

me: That's still not an allergy

- TM.

Sent via postcrossing to ethan1740.  He wanted Benedict Cumberbatch, Lotso, and bunch of other things I sadly do not have.  Disappointment, thy name is Minormumbles.  So, I picked a card.  And wrote a card.  But I did send it with one of my happy new year cards in an envelop like I have been doing for this most recent bunch.  

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