Saturday, January 2, 2021

Postcard #190: "Extra Space"


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This spectacular display is presented each year on the Elipse between the White House and the Washington Monument.
Fifty small trees represent the states of the Union. The trees are lighted from the White House by the President in a ceremony officially starting the Christmas season.


The hospital system work for has 5 hospitals attached to it. This week two of these hospitals are parking refrigerated morgue semitruck trailers in their parking lots.
This is to prepare for the next few weeks. We broke 1000 deaths this week. Happy Holidays! What a time to "alive". Happy New Year from Portland Oregon. 
ID: US-7151855

Sent via postcrossing to Macel. I was supposed to mail this...BEFORE thanksgiving.  But Yeah. Life.  The holidays.  Getting Sick.  The sad thing is we are on the verge of breaking 1,500.  In 2020, there were 1,490 Oregonians that died of Covid.  So between thanksgiving and the new year nearly 500 more people died.  What a damn tragedy.  They should be tearing down confederate memorials and erecting memorials to the pointless lives lost to the illness.

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